This Week and Some Clean Eats

This week has thankfully been slow going and relaxing. O Yea! My kind of week! We haven’t done much of anything but I have got the girls to do a little bit of work to keep their brains nice and sharp and to give them a little something to do. I printed out some awesome workseets from 3Dinosaurs summer workseets called Jump Into Summer Learning. MacKenzie is doing the tots and Miette is doing Kindergarten.



and Marleigh enjoys Playdough and Puzzles.


On Monday we visited my moms house and ate lunch outside then took a walk. Now that I moved away from that area(30 min) I miss it. :(



On Wednesdays Miette has her horseback riding lessons. I love it almost as much as she does. Thinking about asking her if she teaches adults. I know how to ride (I had two horses growing up) but that was western and I always wanted to learn how to ride proper English. So maybe one of these days.


Also on Wendesday Miette woke up with a bit of poison ivy on her face but not bad so I just put some calamine lotion and gave her a little bit of medicine to help but on Thursday she woke up with a swollen eye and it covering half of her face. YIKES. So off to the doctor we went.


Poor thing! But it is better. The doctor prescribed some medicine and as long as she stays inside (BOO!) it wont flare up. We went outside last night just to swing and her face went bright red and all bumpy eww.

Now to the clean eats. I have decided to clean out our eating habits because I have kind of gone very lazy when it comes to feeding my loved ones and myself. I do all the meals in this casa so I am 100 % responsible for my childrens eating. What we have been eating hasn’t been so good. Lots of Kraft Mac and Cheese, frozen chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and take out. No Bueno! So on Wednesdays grocery trip we went on as a family and I got Kyle on board (love how he supports whatever I decide) and we picked out a lot of veggies and new stuff to try this week. I am seriously so excited! Its been a long time since I was excited to cook dinner and make lunches. So far this is what we had.

Last night was our first night. I made Ground turkey, Kale, and Tomato inspired by one of the buzzfeed’s clean eating challenge recipe. I just browned some turkey in the skillet and added some salt and pepper and paprika. Added halved cherry tomatoes and some chicken stock (I dont measure things out so I don’t know how much I poured). Let that cook and evaporate then I added some kale because the store didn’t have swiss chard. YUM! Miette said it was amazing but Marleigh was not a fan. She is going through her picky stage. I was going to pair it with some brown rice but didn’t have any so we went with some buttered egg noodles.




Usually we struggle with breakfasts (its usually cereal) but this morning I made the girls some fried eggs and greek yogurt. I made myself the same only I added my egg on top of avacado toast topped with some siracha.



I will post some more what I eats so I can keep track and be held resposible lol

A Six Year Old in the House

Can’t believe it! How am I old enough to have a six year old?!


The Wednesday before her birthday we convinced my mother it would be a good idea to watch the two littles while we took Miette to Kings Dominion again (we went there for Fathers Day as well with all of us). That way she could ride the roller coasters and enjoy being older and having the purple band. This girl is fearless! No ride fazed her not even the drop zone which is a huge drop ride. The only one she didn’t like was the Hurler which was so shaky it hurt, Mommy and Daddy didn’t like it either.



(This face painting lasted all of 10 minutes….before we got on White Water Canyon and got all wet)

Three Friday Favorites (on a Saturday)

1. Stella And Sam

The cutest little show the little ones have been watching with beautiful illustrations. Love it!

2. Water

(photo source:

I have been trying so hard to drink more water. I can go all day without drinking anything. I just dont think about it. So its something I am slowly working on.

3. Blogilates Youtube Channel

I am starting the beginners routine and I have to say I am using muscles that I never knew existed! Momma needs to get more active. I love that they are short enough for me to do everyday and don’t require equipment, I am so busy chasing three kids around that its the perfect fit. I also love all her recipes and food tips she is so fun to watch/listen to.

Happy Fathers Day!

Kyle really shined during mothers day and made it such a happy day for me (cards, flowers, little presents from the girls, cookout at the family house) so its hard to come up to that caliber for Fathers Day but we will try.  On Friday the girls made homemade cards (books) on their own.


I pulled out the markers and crayons


Stickers and Stamps


and paint dabbers (aka dot a dot)


I stapled together some small scrapbook paper squares and wrote some ideas for Miette to write for herself


Finishing products were super cute!



Finally Summer!!

As much as I love school I am so psyched it is summer! I need some time to organize from our move and to get my head back on straight. Teachers definitely need their summer breaks! At the same time I am so excited to get ready for next school year and get all the worksheets and activities ready ahead of time. Its been one week into summer vacay and we have been pretty low key and relaxing to the max.



My brother graduated last saturday! One more to go for my mom! BreAnne will be going to 9th grade next year so her first year of high school! Everyone is growing up (*tear*).


So proud of him! He is such a awesome young dude and he is so great with the girls! On the last day of school I had to work so he and his girlfriend went to Miettes Kindergarten Awards Ceremony and then spent the day at the pool with her. So sweet and so helpful. He is someone I can always call on if I need help with anything. Great Guy! So Proud!

Moving on…lol. Miette had her first horseback riding lesson this Wednesday. Cutest thing in the world! She has always been into horses and finally she gets to learn all about them. Couldn’t ask for a more happy girl!




So that is that and now Ive got to go pick up my girls (all three spent the night at my moms!). Bye!

Back In The Motion

I have been so crazy and disorganized with the move and I have really just wanted to get back on track with this blog because I love using it as something to look back through and see the girls and the story behind pictures. I want to try to commit to one post a week to start and I am hoping that by the summer when I have time off I will work up to more. I would also like to add some more of our preschool happenings on here.

This little thing turned one at the end of Feb. She is constantly on the move and I can’t take any pictures unless in action mode.


Plus in January I enrolled Miette into Pre-Ballet and MacKenzie into Creative Movement. Aren’t they just adorable! Miette loves it and Kenz hates it and refuses to go into the class without me. Half the classes we don’t go into because of the fits. But she loves to put on her leotard and shoes and do her own thing at home.


Our December

I can’t believe Christmas is over and it will be 2015 in just a couple of days. Time is definitely flying! We have been going through a bunch of changes such as moving into our first home! Miette had to transfer to a new school and it has taken us awhile overall to adjust to a different county. Here is some glimpses of our month:

MacKenzie tried out preschool for a couple of days. She did okay it just took awhile to get used to listening to Mommy as a teacher and not getting away with everything.


Sugar Cookie making and decorating in prep for Santas arrival:


And of course Christmas morning madness!


Bus Stop Blues

Some days it is fine but others its a screaming match. We wait for the bus to come pick our Miette up..


And we sit and wait with her nicely in our carseats



Mommy goes to work till 12 on Mondays and Thursdays then we come home for a little. I put them down for a nap at 2:00. Of course, Miette’s bus drops her off at 3:30, so 30 minutes before the babies usually wake up I scoop each one up and slip them in the van and just let the grumpiness, yawns, and tears start.



and then I finally get these faces




and then finally this girls face


Our First Day of School

I’m a little late but at least I’m back. I want to start with the beginning of September. Miette’s first day of Kindergarten and my first day back at work (and first time working full time in a long time- since before Kenz was born) and MacKenzie and Marleighs frist time at a real babysitters!

Everything happened on one day. I woke up extra early and fixed three lunches then rallied all the girls up and into clothes. Off we went to the bus-stop to wait for the bus.



Not one tear was shed by this little one. Not One!! But I had a few. Kenzie of course didn’t understand what was going on and screamed and cried when the bus took her MeMe away (Doh! didn’t think about preparing her!). Then it was off to the babysitters and of course Marleigh did fine and Kenz cried and cried. Definitely broke my heart to leave!

But it took just a week of going before Kenz adjusted to this!


My first day back to work was fun though. It was nice to be back in the school greeting and playing with all the kids. I missed being a teacher last year so it was a nice return. Love getting all my worksheets and theme ideas ready. Helping decorate the board and sharpening pencils.

When everyone finally returned home I asked Miette’s day would and tell me what she did and her answer: “Just stuff Mom, Geez”

Five Months

Hitting the 5 month marker! Marleigh is still a bit of a stinker and likes to cry a lot but it has let up a bit in the past few weeks. Hallelujah! Her sisters still love on her constantly and I have to beat them off with a stick to give her some peace. She is also such a Mommy’s girl! Clingy! And exclusively breastfeeding and refuses to take any type of bottle (we have tried all). Makes it hard for this Mama to get anytime to myself. Five minutes after I leave her with my mother (bible school for a week from 5-8) or her father she was start crying and not stop till I get back. I don’t get out much haha.

Sleeping: Off and on. Some nights she gets up four or five times and other nights she sleeps till about 4 and nurses then up at 7. I usually get her up and put her in bed with me since Kyle leaves to get ready for work at around 2.

Feeding: Nursing every two hours of so. I have been trying to stretch it to three hours and to get her on a schedule but she just refuses. When she is tired and wants to nap she wants to stay at the breast the whole time. Its constantly an up and down battle for any naps. Will not take any type of bottle or pacifier. We also started on some oatmeal every once in awhile. Her face lights up and she starts jumping (in a baby way) when I put the bib on and pull the bowl out.

Napping: She hates them to high heaven. Fights them.

I’m terrified for September when she and Kenzie will be going to a babysitter for the morning while I work. She’s not going to be ready. Kenzie won’t be ready. I wont be ready. Then add to it that Miette will be going to Kindergarten :(  None of my girls have been to a babysitter. If I need someone to watch them its always Kyle, Mom, or Kyle’s Mother. I’m scared that the babysitter is going to call me that first day tell me to come pick her up and that she can’t watch her. That’s how difficult she is. Cries a lot, refuses a bottle, constantly wants to nurse. But I love her to pieces!